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Fibertect™ is a flexible non-particulate decontamination system proven effective in absorbing chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals and toxic industrial materials.
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Who We Are
Hobbs Bonded Fibers (ISO certified 9001:2000) specializes in developing and manufacturing specialty nonwoven products for Industrial and Consumer markets. The use of synthetic, natural and specialty fibers allows Hobbs Bonded Fibers the flexibility to design products to a customers exact specifications.
Our Products
All of Hobbs' products are manufactured in the United States, but we sell and ship our products to many other countries as well.
Made In The USA
Research & Development
Are you a business in need of a custom product made out of nonwoven fibers? Hobbs Bonded Fibers has an experienced R&D department. Recently, Hobbs has partnered with 3M, Owens Corning, and the “Big Three” car companies to help develop new products.
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Diversified Products
- Industrial and Consumer Filtration – Liquid & Air  
- Automotive – Filtration, Acoustics, Thermal Protection, Seating
- Military and Space
- Health Care Products
- Industrial Apparel and Footwear
- Industrial Molding
- Building and Construction
- Environmental and Industrial Clean Up  
- Carpet and Rug Backings and Underlay
- Nomex and Kevlar Products  
- Retail Quilt Batting, Fiberfill, and Pillow Forms
Made In The USA
Commitment to the use of natural, replenishable materials, particularly in the field of industrial applications, has led to much research into the properties of wool and cotton fibers.

Hobbs has made considerable progress in the development of these environmentally friendly materials, widening the scope and versatility of the company’s fiber processing operations. Examples of these natural fiber projects include: oil spill clean-up booms and pads, wet and dry filtration media, batting for mattresses and futons, furniture padding, and insulation products for use in the construction industry.

Research into new fiber composites, constructions and blends in continuous, not only for improving existing materials, but to meet the demands of tomorrow’s high-end technology applications. In this area, collaboration with fiber producers and technological institutions is paramount to Hobbs ongoing commitment – to find better ways in which to give both domestic and industrial consumers the benefits of quality American made products.