What We Do

Home Furnishing/ Bedding & Comfort Products

Hobbs Bonded Fibers began over 60 years ago and is still providing top quality material and service to the home furnishing/bedding and comfort industry. We have a great deal of history in providing the best and most resilient materials tailored to the furniture and bedding market.

Our process for providing quality product and our unique combinations of materials and processes is a big reason that we are still leaders in the industry.

Our capabilities include:

  • Cushion Wrap – Wide range of weights and widths custom to your application.
  • Mattress – Insulator tops (Poly and specialty blends), Insulators (Cotton shoddy)
  • Bedding – Comforter Fills custom made to your weight and width.
  • Furniture – Outdoor/Indoor furniture fill.

We specialize in using all types of fibers for home furnishing, quilting and comfort products. The many fibers combined with custom weights, widths etc., allow for a truly custom product made to a customer’s specifications.

To learn more about how we serve the home furnishings and bedding/comfort industry, please contact us at:

R&D: tech@hobbsbondedfibers.com
Sales: sales@hobbsbondedfibers.com
Or call 800-433-3357.