What We Do

Research & Development

Hobbs Bonded Fiber’s commitment to Research and Development is second to none for both testing and new product development.

Hobbs has a full-time Research and Development Department on-site that works daily to develop new products and to improve the performance of existing products and processes.

In addition to internal testing capabilities, Hobbs has partnered with a number of outside or third party A2LA accredited labs to supplement our internal capabilities, and to provide certifications to OEM/Industry standards. Some of the common tests requirements include:

  • Resiliency, compression recovery, and durability cycle testing
  • Fire retardancy and smoke generation
  • Acoustic performance: ASTM E1050/C423/Alpha Cabin
  • Thermal Conductivity / R Value Testing
  • Tensile / Tear / Elongation

To learn more about our research and development, please contact us at:

R&D: tech@hobbsbondedfibers.com
Sales: sales@hobbsbondedfibers.com
Or call 800-433-3357.