What We Do


Hobbs Bonded Fibers is the leader manufacturing specialty nonwovens. We take great pride in our ability to manufacture a wide range of nonwovens specifically designed to meet a customer’s requirement for many applications and varying industries:

  • Filtration – Liquid, HVAC, Automotive, Commercial and Specialty
  • Appliance – Acoustic and Thermal applications
  • Apparel – FR Workwear, Footwear, Gloves and Outerwear
  • Shipping/Delivery – Thermal solutions for maintain Hot/Cold.
  • Construction – Acoustic
  • Environmental Cleanup

To learn more about how we can customize an industrial solution for your specific needs, please contact us at:

R&D: tech@hobbsbondedfibers.com
Sales: sales@hobbsbondedfibers.com
Or call 800-433-3357.